We offer non-judgmental, guided self-examination

Professionals in our practice work with clients whose life experiences have contributed to struggles with self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and blocked personal growth. Our approach enhances self-confidence, refines awareness and enables clients to make healthy changes and diminish fears that hinder achieving well-being and productivity.

Types of Clinicians in Our Practice

All of the clinicians at Bick Wanck MD and Associates are licensed clinicians with years of experience. They are life-long students, constantly learning the latest approaches in wellness and treatment in order to better help you.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors (MD and DO) who went on to 4 years of specialty training after medical school. They evaluate emotional suffering and disturbed thinking and help it with psychotherapy and medicine.
Nurse Practitioners (NPP) can do anything a psychiatrist can do. They receive advanced training in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. They prescribe medicine and can do talk therapy.
Psychologists (PhD, PsyD, and EdD) are graduates of doctoral programs in psychology. They have had extensive training in various forms of psychotherapy and psychological testing.
Social Workers (LCSW-R) have master’s degrees and years of training. They are licensed and certified to do assessments and provide various types of psychotherapy and counseling.
Licensed Mental Health Clinicians (LMHC) have master’s degrees in psychology and have had years of training. They are licensed to do assessments and provide various types of psychotherapy and counseling.

Our Staff

Bick Wanck , MDPsychiatrist
Board-certified psychiatrist. Teaching faculty, Albany Medical College . American Academy of Psychiatrists in Alcoholism & Addictions, founding member. National lecturer. Textbook and professional articles author. Committee for Physicians Health, member.
Jeanette Thornton, MDAddiction Psychiatry and Adult Psychiatry
Dr. Thornton is board-certified in Addiction Psychiatry and Adult Psychiatry. She received her medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Rutgers University. She has over 28 years of experience in addiction psychiatry and insight-oriented cognitive behavioral therapy and specializes in the treatment of Food Addiction Obesity. Also, she has authored four books, three on Food Addiction Obesity and one about her family’s triumph over societal stereotypes.
Candice Ferritto, NPP-BCFamily Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Board certified family psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC). Provides psychiatric evaluations and treatments for psychiatric disorders; including individual and family psychotherapy and medication management.
Anja Salamack, NPPFamily Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Licensed family psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMHNP). Provides psychiatric evaluations and treatments for psychiatric disorders; including individual, family psychotherapy and medication management.
Shannon Chanofsky, PsyDPsychologist
Licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Extensive training and experience working with trauma and addictions. Individual psychotherapy for adults.
David Handy, LCSW-RSocial Worker. Methodist Minister.
Licensed certified social worker. Methodist minister. Provides psychotherapy for problems with mood, anxiety and PTSD. He is particularly experienced in guiding people through loss and grief, bereavement and other life transitions.
Cate Richardson, LCSW-RSocial Worker
Licensed, certified social worker with extensive experience working with adults and couples. Particular experience treating mood disorders and anxiety. Uses solution-oriented psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, family systems theory, psychodynamic therapies and DBT. Very comfortable working with members of the LGBT community.
Rebecca Lawrence, MDPsychiatrist
Saratoga Springs native. Board Certified Psychiatrist. Trained at Yale. Multiple awards include American Medical Women’s Award for exceptional leadership and service and Merck Manual Award for outstanding performance in the clinical sciences. Numerous academic publications in psychiatry. Active member of the American Psychiatric Association.
Susan Decker, RN, MS, NPPPsychiatric Nurse-Practitioner
Psychiatric nurse-practitioner. Board certified. Experience in psychiatric disorders, medication management, and individual psychotherapy. Client and family teaching. Clinical teaching faculty, Russell Sage College . Teaching faculty, Northeast Health Schools of Nursing.
Phrances Hinch, NPPPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner. Mental health and addiction issues. Provides evaluations, medication treatment and psychotherapy for adults and adolescents.
Shelley Van Kempen, NPPPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience. Available for diagnostic evaluations and medication management.
Maria Kuethe, PhDPsychologist
Licensed psychologist. Provides psychological evaluation of adults and children. Individual, family and group therapy for all ages. Forensic evaluations and expert testimony available. Numerous presentations regarding children, stress, abuse survivorship.
Jake Holden, LCSWSocial Worker
Licensed clinical social worker. Experience working with adults, adolescents, and couples in a variety of clinical settings. Areas of expertise include mood and anxiety disorders, trauma recovery, relationship issues, and personal growth.
Kim Taormina, M. Ed., LMHCThought Field Therapist
Experience with adolescents, children, adults, couples and families in private practice and as a school counselor. Specialization in treatment of trauma, abuse, anxiety and depression. Certified Thought Field Therapist.
Jeffrey Tabbert, DOPsychiatrist
Licensed psychiatrist with a degree in osteopathic medicine. Extensive experience in all areas of psychiatry. Available for psychiatric evaluation and psychopharmacology.
Laurie Ellis, NPP, BCNurse Practitioner, Psychiatry
Board certified nurse practitioner, psychiatry. Experienced in PTSD, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and death and dying. Offers diagnostic exam, medication management, and psychotherapy. Specializes in alternative, mindfulness techniques. Adolescents and adults.
Eileen Hobbs NPPPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Licensed, board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. Individual and family supportive therapy. Experience in treating PTSD, addiction and adolescent issues (ages 18 and up). Provides psychiatric care and medication.
Susan Chalmers, PhDChild, Adolescent and Adult Psychologist
Licensed child, adolescent and adult psychologist. Psychological and educational assessments of children. Coordination of services with school. Play therapy, individual psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral, couples and family therapy, parenting coach. Author, lecturer, award winner.
Katrina Smith, PsyDPsychologist
Licensed Psychologist. Specializes in psychotherapy informed by individual mindfulness practices. Experience teaching classes in mindful meditation for stress reduction for young adults. Also conducts evaluations for bariatric surgery.
Philomena Moriarty, LCSW-RSocial Worker
Licensed certified social worker with extensive experience with individuals, couples and families. Specialties include anxiety, depression and psychological trauma. Works with individuals with histories of sexual and other traumas. EMDR and mindfulness training as well as supportive psychotherapy available.
Amanda HallOffice Manager x209
Julie LonczakBilling Assistant, Intake Coordinator x208

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl R. Rogers