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Project Description

Supriya Poonati, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Supriya has a diverse reach of experiences in the mental health field, including private practice, college counseling, community mental health, therapeutic day school, residential treatment, and psychiatric inpatient hospital settings. Supriya has a special interest in working with adults who experience adjustment, anxiety, and depressive-related symptoms. She values working with multicultural populations who are interested in better understanding their strengths, challenges, values, and questions about meaning and belonging. Supriya helps pre-marital and married couples shift their relationship interactions due to differences in communication, expectations, and role patterns.  She uses a collaborative approach in session, combining psychodynamic, CBT, mindfulness, and strengths-based approaches. Supriya believes the therapeutic relationship can be a rich experience for adults and couples as they navigate shifting chapters in their lives.

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